"Empowering Education, Economics, Entrepreneurship”

WPJQ is a part of WKJJ/WPJQ FM 101.3. You can listen to gospel music every morning from 5:00am-8:00am and every Saturday & Sunday from 5:00am-5:00pm. 

Inspire Radio is a 24/7 online radio station hosted by WPJQ. Click the WPJQ page link at the top for more information and to listen live! 

Faith CDC is an extension of Faith Church with the same vision.
“Building faith, building families and building community”.
Our goal is to engage the community and strengthen today’s youth by developing leadership skills & building relationships both social and community focused.


Our vision is to improve the mentality of youth considered at-risk in the City of Milwaukee, by providing arts, education and cultural exposure to develop the necessary tools needed to live successful lives building their spiritual, social, physical, personal and entrepreneurial development that will transition them from “at-risk” to “at-success.” The mission of Faith Community Development Corporation (CDC) is to transform lives and communities one family at a time by improving the social, educational, and economic conditions, serving moderate to low income neighborhoods in Milwaukee.